About me

Core Process therapist and Focusing trainer Anna Backholm.

Hi, I am Anna, a professional in therapy work and a facilitator of presence and connection. Connection is meaningful to me: connection within myself, connection to other people, to nature, and also to something deeper, something spiritual. What I also find essential on my own path is a gradual opening towards ever deeper presence in the body.

I feel called to support people in finding connection, finding space to exist as who they deeply are, and finding the possibility of opening to meet those past experiences and sides of themselves that in the past they have needed to push aside. I aim to create space and spaces for this, and I am happy to dive in to accompany the inner journey of another. I find it important to support and awaken the possibility that something within us can start to find its own way towards well-being, growth and deeper connection, instead of us trying to engineer something specific to happen.

I am sensitive at feeling into what moves within me and in attuning to another person. It is natural for me to be present in situations sensing into what is needed and into how to place my presence and my words. I value the power of presence together, equality in meeting and permission to be what one is. I have lived experience around diversity in gender and sexuality.

Immersed in nature by a lake.

My background

I have done different kinds of things in my life. I am familiar with the world of science and philosophy, with teaching, and with working with people in many other ways. Especially meaningful to me have been my years of being a facilitator in Prometheus camps for teenagers, and different events around meditation and in nature, both as a participant and in the role of organizing events, also creating something new. 

Since around 2011 my direction has been strongly oriented towards a way of being that emphasizes presence, embodiment and a more intuitive listening to messages from inside oneself. Essential to this has been my dive into meditation, in and between different traditions; practices where presence is also brought into interaction; connection to nature; and different forms of creative movement, where movement can arise from within. Focusing has opened up a deeper connection into my inner world, its shades and meanings, and it is always a surprise what opens up to be seen or shifts when I settle down to Focus. My own therapeutic processes, and the deep and multifaceted journey both within myself and in meeting others, offered by my training in Core Process psychotherapy, have also been important.

  • Ongoing Core Process Psychotherapy training (Karuna Institute) 2022 ->
  • MA in Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapeutic Practice (Karuna Institute) 2018-2022
  • Focusing trainer (International Focusing Institute) 2019
  • Training in Intuitive healing 2015
  • Master of Social Science (Philosophy) 2013
  • Master of Science (Biology) 2002