Support with presence and listening into the body

Are you looking for a therapeutic relationship in which you can explore and meet your inner world, supported by joint presence? Do you want to dive in and open up the inner psychological structures that have been shaped by your life experiences, but which now get in the way of well-being and connection? Or maybe you wonder how to meet others, how to find connection, so that you can also be yourself?

Perhaps you are searching for your own direction, your place in the world? Or maybe you long for a deeper internal connection, listening to messages arising from within and being present to what you have not been able to fully meet before? Do you feel a pull towards something spiritual; do you want to find peace, to connect to nature or touch into some kind of deeper meaningfulness? Do you wish it might be possible just to be, without needing always to keep trying?

Hand touches a fir tree with presence.

In touch with what is around

In touch with what is within oneself

With what is longing to be seen

With where something new is stirring

In touch with experience right now

and how something can open through that

Whatever is calling you, I invite you to feel into whether I might have something for you. Starting Core Process therapy together offers you the deepest support for your journey; the space for this work is protected by us not meeting in other contexts. Alternatively, I also offer other kinds of support and guidance, one-to-one or in groups. I work face-to-face in Helsinki or online.

Therapist leaning on a tree with presence.

Core Process therapy

Core Process therapy is a deep journey; we dive in together to explore your situation and your inner world. Core Process is a recognised psychotherapy modality in the UK, which emphasises exploring experience in this moment, for example by sensing into the body. Past experiences that still affect us may open up. Therapy sessions are once a week and the therapeutic process is supported by a gradually deepening therapeutic relationship. Read more…

Offering support, hand on a fir tree branch.


In addition to the in-depth therapy I offer a lighter form of support, meeting every now and then according to need, or more frequently for a short time. We can explore a specific area in your experience or in your life, pause into presence together, and look for answers arising from within you. I can also offer support at the interface between psychological healing and a meditative or spiritual path. Read more…

A fern finding its own direction of growth.


Focusing opens up a way into shades and meanings, to wisdom arising from within us, especially through bodily senses. In Focusing we are present with our inner world, we give attention to what longs to be seen, and make space for inner shifts through not trying to change anything. You can come to Focus guided by me, or join my courses to learn to Focus on your own or reciprocally with another who knows Focusing. Read more…

Ringing a bell in an event in nature.


I facilitate different kinds of events and courses in group format. Some elements that might be included are: meditation, mindful interactive practices, creative movement, presence in nature, and influences from Focusing. I create spaces that support the deepening of embodied presence, space for directions arising from within, landing into being instead of doing, and the possibility of being oneself and in connection. Read more…