In touch with what is around

In touch with what is within oneself

With what is longing to be seen

With where something new is stirring

In touch with experience right now

and how something can open through that

Core Process therapy

Core Process therapy is a journey we embark on together, to dive into exploring your situation and your inner world. This mindfulness-based talking therapy emphasizes a meeting with presence and exploring experience in this moment, for example by sensing into the body. Therapy sessions are once a week and the therapeutic process is supported by a gradually deepening therapeutic relationship.


Focusing is a way of listening to the messages of your body and being present to those places in you that want attention. Meeting your inner world with acceptance and interest gives space for things to shift in their own way. You can come to do focusing guided by me, once or many times, or you can join courses where you learn to focus either on your own or reciprocally with another who also knows focusing.