Focusing – listening to the wisdom of the body

Focusing opens up a way into shades and meanings, to wisdom arising from within us, especially through bodily senses. What is at the core of what is nagging at us in a certain life situation? What is a vague heavy feeling trying to communicate? What happens inside us when we repeatedly try to get something done, thinking we want to do it, but do not manage to make ourselves do it? What do we want to express, but cannot yet find words for? And what is it that is calling us – what kind of directions want to open out?

The wisdom of the body can gradually be seen more clearly, as when focusing a camera to the leaves of a tree.

Our body experiences situations with us, and it can tell us a lot if we pause to listen. An example of this could be a felt sense of having forgotten something – even though our mind might not catch what it was. Or perhaps a familiar scent or piece of music brings a feeling that is not easy to put into words, but which seems to contain a multitude of meanings. When we pause to be with a felt sense that is at first vague, it can gradually take shape and something more can open up to be seen. This can be a bit like adjusting the focus of a camera.

In Focusing we are present with our inner world, meeting with attention and acceptance that in us which longs to be met. We give space for something from within to come to be seen, take a clearer form, and express itself – at its own pace and in its own terms. Feeling into bodily felt senses allows things to open up afresh, in a way that is not easily accessible through thinking and emotions alone. Being present with our inner world with curiosity and openness, without trying to change anything, opens up a possibility for things to shift in their own way.

Focusing is a way of listening inside which is natural for us, but often forgotten. It can open up a deeper connection within us and a way of listening to our inner directions and the wisdom of our body. It also gives plenty of support for therapeutic processing. Focusing is especially fruitful when undertaken with the support of another person’s presence. When becoming familiar with Focusing, it is possible to Focus reciprocally with another who knows the method, perhaps regularly.

Focusing was developed – or one could say discovered – by Eugene Gendlin, a philosopher and a psychotherapist, in the 1950s. Focusing underlies many body-oriented therapy modalities practiced today, including Core Process therapy which I offer myself.

Focusing is listening to the wisdom of the body with presence.

Guided Focusing sessions

A guided Focusing session is a possibility to explore what happens within you. I support you in listening to your inner world and being present for it. You might for example sense into what direction in life is calling you, open up something where you feel stuck, or wonder about what a bodily sensation or a difficult feeling is trying to communicate.

A guided Focusing session is also a good way to get to know Focusing, and I strongly recommend at least one guided session before participating in a Focusing Basics course. Also after the course, you might enjoy Focusing with guidance every now and then.

Focusing is partly different from therapeutic support. Often people find it natural to Focus with their eyes closed, present with their own inner world. I encourage you to put your experience into words and support you with reflective listening and guidance. My presence supports your ablity to be present for yourself. Focusing is not so much about interaction with me, though – I do not need to know the context of what you explore, and my role is not to comment on what comes up from within you.

My regular price for a guided Focusing session is 65€ (incl. VAT 24%). If needed, we can discuss the possibility of a lower price. It is good to allow approximately one hour for a meeting, including time to talk before Focusing and at the end. You might choose a topic you wish to explore, or we can give space for whatever inside you wants attention at that moment.

We can meet in Etu-Töölö, Helsinki (Apollonkatu 11a, MindFaculty) or online. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to book a Focusing session or if you have questions.

Focusing courses

If you want to get to know Focusing better, and learn to Focus on your own, e.g. reciprocally with another experienced Focuser, it is a good idea to come to a Focusing course! On the courses everyone can gradually find their own way to the world of Focusing, through small exercises, Focusing in pairs and discussion. A written manual supports the learning. Practice sessions with changing partners between the course meetings are also an essential part of deepening in one’s Focusing.

I teach Focusing courses both face-to-face and online, mostly in Finnish but occasionally in English. Course groups are relatively small, so there is space to look into and support everyone’s unique journey into the world of Focusing. We also pause to acknowledge and to meet with warmth everything that this kind of a dive into learning something new may bring up – like pressure to achieve or doubts about whether the shades of one’s inner world have value. In the beginning there is often a desire to hurry, to get things inside to open up to be seen or to change; we can also pause to be present with this. Gradually both Focusing and being a listener for another who is Focusing can start to come more from a place of being rather than from trying.

  • The Focusing Basics 1 course acquaints you with Focusing and with listening when a partner Focuses. It is good to do at least one guided Focusing session with me before the course.
  • The Focusing Basics 2 course deepens the skills in both Focusing and listening. Participants need to have done the Basics 1 course first.
  • The Focusing courses 3 & 4 further deepen your skills. Also included is the possibility to start supporting another’s Focusing through offering guidance to the process.

Upcoming courses with me

Focusing Basics 1 (in Finnish) (Etu-Töölö, Helsinki)Wed 18:00-20:30 (13.3., 20.3., 27.3., 3.4. and 10.4.2024)

Feel free to contact me if any of my courses interest you – also if you would be interested in a course, but nothing suitable is on offer at the moment. I can schedule courses partly based on needs.

The best way to hear about my upcoming courses is via my mailing list or my Facebook page.